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The Bush league

 ... have you had it?

by Russ Priestley

Are you fed up with minor league leadership of our country? I am! It's no coincidence that in baseball a second rate, minor league is termed the bush league. We have suffered from the presidential leadership of two Bush leaguers.

The first Bush, along with Colin Powell, halted the Persian Gulf War when the U.S. troops had the Iraquis on the run in retreat. How stupid was that? The U.S. could have soundly defeated the aggressors in their attempt to take over Kuwait, but I don't know why we should have cared about Kuwait. The monarchy of that country fled to a Paris hotel while our troops sacrificed lives for them. In addition, the U.S. spent millions to put out the oil fires which Saddam set in his retreat.

I believe the second Bush leaguer as our president (you know the one called "Dubya" who can't pronounce nuclear) was urged by "H Dubya" to send our troops back to Iraq to eradicate his own failure.

As I write, this second war in Iraq is past the one year anniversary ... the date when Dubya made his flashy and much-publicized landing on an aircraft carrier (by a Navy pilot) and declared the war over. Good theater, but a stupid declaration.

While the U.S. spends millions to restore education and feed the Iraquis, many of them continue to snipe at our troops, even from their "off limits" mosques. Our troops are not supplied the body armor needed for protection against the snipers. As a result, U.S. parents are buying the body armor needed and sending it to Iraq while Dubya is out spending millions on a stupid presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch where Dubya spends much of his time in lounging, sauntering around in his loafers while our troops are being slaughtered, casualties have surpassed the total of the "ended" war. The promises of troop rotation are being ignored as some units are being told to unpack and forget any promise of returning home. I guess that's what we should expect in the Bush league.    

May 7, 2004

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