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Computer Tips7/04:
 Adjusting width of your scrollbar - Defrag Drive

 ... easier to lock onto -speeds up operation

by Bob Ross

These directions are for Windows XP. If you're using an earlier
version of Windows, the steps required may be slightly different.

Adjusting width of your scrollbar
If you find it difficult to grab the horizontal and vertical "scrollbars"
when using any of the various Windows applications, you'll be happy
to know that you can adjust the width of these by making one simple change.

Here's all you need to do:
1. Go to your desktop and right click.
2. Select "Properties."
3. Select the tab up above labeled "Appearance."
4. Click on the "Advanced" button.
5. Click the drop down arrow next to "Item" and select "scrollbar."
6. Adjust the size by entering in a new number (the default is "16" ).
7. Click "OK."

Defrag your Hard Drive to speed up operation.
Defraging your drive can take up to four hours plus.
It will depend on how often you run defrag, the size of your hard drive,
and number of Folders-/-Files you have.
Just pick a time when you have other things to do, and forget it.

If you have Nortons System Works,
Use the SpeedDisk that comes with the program.
Speed Disk does a much better job of defraging.

Before running status check or defrag,
 1. Delete all unwanted email
 2. Empty your Recycle Bin.

To Check status of your drive, WITHOUT DEFRAGGING.
click on Start.
click on Program
click on Accessories
click on System Tools
click on Disk Defragmenter
This opens a Disk Defragmenter window.
It tells you the drive id, File system used, Capacity, Free space and % Free space.

Near bottom you see Analyze -- Defragment
Under this line are 4 colored boxes which identify usage.

To get a status report of Estimated usage BEFORE defraging
Click on Analyze.  This only takes a few minutes.
In the Estimate Usage box the colors of your usage appears.
Click on View Report to see the report on status of your hard drive.
You can save to a file for future reference, if desired.
Save it to your Desktop for easy access.

Run Defragmenter
If you decide to defrag your drive,
Click on the Defragment button.
This can take several hours depending on size of your hard drive and number
of folders/files you have and how often you run defrag..

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July 2, 2004

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