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SILVERSTRINGER PHOTO TEAM, wondering what to do next. The occasion was a "shoot" at Maudsley State Park near Newburyport, a few miles upstream from the estuary of the Merrimack River. From the left are Louise Fennell, team leader; Shirley Rabb, Natalie Thomson (taking a picture of the guy taking the picture), Elizabeth Sunkees (our California transplant) and Lorry Norris. The sixth member is Don Norris, otherwise busy taking this team photo. Like much of the SilverStringer programs, there is little organization, no assignments, no regimentation -- but surprisingly, much gets accomplished at both the photo team level, as with the Stringers. It is a loose operation, where cooperation and understanding are important. The team has about a dozen photo essays (such as the Maudsley shoot) in the works.

June 4, 2004

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