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Quilting is my hobby

 ... even husbands can get involved

 from Jane Richardson Bond

"Oh, go ahead and buy it! You'll use it someday."
"How would this floral go in your quilt?"

My husband has accompanied me to a favorite fabric shop and is enjoying himself immensely. I love to consult him on colors of the cotton quilting fabrics I buy.

Ten years ago our eldest granddaughter was to be born and I wanted to make a baby quilt. I had done some dressmaking and tailoring many years before, but I had never tried quiltmaking. My neighbor offered to teach me and we started with a log cabin design quilt for the new baby.

From there I learned from reading books, watching television shows on the subject and attending quilt shows around the area. And I shopped! Oh, did I shop for the wonderful cotton fabrics at every chance I got! My stash grew and Grew and GREW -- and is still growing years later. With each quilt I make, I learn new tricks and try new techniques

Now that I have retired from banking, I have more time to devote to my hobby. Our son's bedroom is now my dedicated sewing room with wall to wall shelves, a design wall, wonderful lighting and a nice work table. It's great to be able to leave my project in place -- never having to clean up at the end of each sewing session.

I was pleased recently to have displayed my work at the Melrose Public Library and at The Beebe Estate. The public's response was very encouraging.

I've heard many quiltmakers say that stitching on a quilt is very therapeutic and stress diminishes when they sit down to quilt even for a short time each day. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that interest in quiltmaking has burgeoned once more within the last fifteen years.

June 4, 2004

June 4, 2004

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