Memorial Day parade on Sunday

 ... lest we forget

by Natalie Thomson

As old traditions begin to fade, a new generation must be self-propelled to rescue them from vanishing completely. A new life has been put into Memorial Day and Melrose's recognition of past sacrifices made during wartimes. Also, the responsibility of the present-day community to take part in ceremonious celebration was fulfilled this past May 30th by a new generation of young parents.

Laura Palladino, Volunteer in the Mayor's Office, and Heather Rizzo, Organizer of Parade for the Girl Scouts, worked hand-in-hand with a few other people to produce a thoroughly enjoyable public community affair. They were Janet Aguilar, Joan Bell, Annalise Conti, John Dunne and Mike Hughes.

As the following pictures will show, the participants and onlookers had an enjoyable time which will be in their memories for decades to come.

To the words of praise this committee heard from the sidewalk flag-wavers, Ms. Palladino promised, "This year was a stepping stone. Next year will be awesome."

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(left) Police cruiser is the leader  *******  (right) Boy ScoutTroop and helpers

(left) Marching Veterans Hup, 2,3,4!  ****  (right) Veteran's chauffeur

(left)  Melrose-Malden Bagpipers  ****  (right) More Scots - Here come the kilties!

(left) Tony Barrie, Saugus - Fine neighbors  ****  (right) And little ones shall lead

(left)  Girl Scout Flag Bearers - Call out the troops!
(right)  From Melrose City Hall and Mass. State House: (l.tor.) James Milano, former Mayor; Robert J. Dolan, Mayor; Paul Bodeur, Alderman; Mike Festa, State Representative, Donald Constantine, School Comm., Eric Wildman, School Comm.; Peter Mortimer, Alderman; William Forbes, Alderman; George Doyle, Alderman

(left) Boy Scout with hard candy ****  (right) Lincoln Elementary School-"Respect! It's worth sharing"

(left) Horace Mann - Be cool to your school **** (right) Veteran waves to his crowd

(left) Hoover School - A family affair  **** (right) Hoover School and Helpers

(left) MHS Banner Brigade  **** (right) Twirling Flags and MHS Band

(left) MHS Band-Parading Percussionists **** (right) Melrose Police lead the way to Wyoming Cemetery

June 4, 2004

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