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ONE FOR THE POWERS girls: Probably Pat, the oldest, found and distributed to her sisters this 1944 portrait of (from the right) Pat, then 12; Priscilla, 11; Carolyn, 9, and Janice, about 8. Missing from the photo was Kenny, the youngest. All are the children of Frank and Anna Powers of Laurel Street; Pat is now Mrs. John Peddle of Nashua; Priscilla is Mrs. Brian Simm of Hillsboro, also New Hampshire; Carolyn is Mrs. Richard Lindstrom of Reading; and Janice is Mrs. John Humphries of Burlington. Priscilla, who provided this photo, quipped: " ... and we still speak to each other." Kenny who is a Maine resident, still manages to speak to ALL his sisters.

July 2, 2004

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