Boston's bloomin' Public Gardens

 ... sunshine, swanboats and blossoms 

by Natalie Thomson - Photos by Silverstringers

Memorial Day weekend proved most productive for the Melrose Mirror photographers. Their trip to Boston Public Gardens was not only nostalgic but super Elysian (pleasant). Don and Lorry Norris (as a couple) had the same number of pictures shown as Natalie (alone). Louise had one additional but Shirley soared ahead with seven. In comparison, how many photos did each one snap?  Just about the same ratio. Talk about talent and balance!

When I was only three feet high, the Boston "El" produced, "Oh, My!"

The sun was out - the snow was gone - the spring produced a carpet-lawn.

The roads, unpaved (a rural feel) and waterways were quite unreal.

On paddle-boats I carried bread. (The ducks and pigeons must be fed.)

The trees were wide and very tall. I ran and laughed and had a ball.

There's pretty flowers when you're young and guessing at a foreign tongue.

Today a man reads "Wanted" ads and couples dress by modern fads.

Around the isle the swanboat sails with graceful real ones on its tail.

And young girls dance (with lovely eyes) and *Melrose meets us by surprise.

There's picnics where the lawn is wider and hero-horse with hero-rider.

The drooping chain protects the flow'rs; the paddled swanboats float for hours.

The yellow jonquils nod their heads at flora in their springtime beds.

* Former Melrosians - (l.) Claire and Jim Enos, Andover,and (r.) Bob and Judy Clark of Judy Clark's Dance Studio.

July 2, 2004

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