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Editor's note: The Stringers aren't exactly inundated with responses to our monthly hometown electronic rag, so when they do come, we pay attention. Here's the latest batch. The first is from our former Melrosian Jerry Norton, now of somewhere in Washington state -- who is a member and a regular contributor to the Melrose Mirror:

To: "melrose Mirror"
Subject: Memorial Day parade in Melrose
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004

Hello Stringers,

Another fine production this month; of special interest to me was Natalie Thompson's article on the Memorial Day parade. My thoughts went back many years to when I was a youngster standing curbside on Main St. watching the parade on its way to the Wyoming Cemetery. In my mind's eye I could see Commander Robinson in his GAR uniform waving feebly from one of those cars as he passed by.

Stringer Jerry Norton

Memorial Day Parade

Our second piece of mail is addressed directly to writer/photographer Shirley Rabb:

From: "Charlie Trivette"  
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: The Goose
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 21:14:35 -0400


Peggy and I enjoyed your article on the Goose very much. I would think the young and eldery would go out of their way, just so they could see what changes are made every week. I know I would go out of my every day just just to see the changes.

Charlie Trivette

The Boardman Goose

And the third one is addressed to Dr. John Averell, who is our technical whiz and keeps our system running -- most of the time.

John writes, "I got a letter from a Darien High person (whom I don't remember, two years after me) concerning one of my articles."

From: Michael Friedman
To: javerell@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 3:46 PM
Subject: Chris Adams


I don't know if we knew each other at Darien (Connecticut) High School, but I am doing some investigating into this period in my life as our 50th reunion [Class of 1954] will be celebrated in October this year. When contacted by our reunion committee, I asked if any of our teachers were around to be invited. There were a few, so far, but no mention of Chris Adams, except someone thought he passed on in 1977.

In any event I started a WEB search and came across your article. I had asked for Chris Adams in particular because he was one a handful of people who shaped my life. He has an uncanny ability to make you focus and get to the point. One of his teaching strategies involved having us prepare a series of essays during the school year. In two, maybe three, years of his class, no essay could be longer than 100 words, some no longer than 50 words. It was a lesson I carried throughout my career.

Thanks for writing the article, and having you and your brother put some of my feelings into words.

Michael Friedman
DHS Class of 1954  


Now here's a fellow that knows a good book when he sees it. The author is Bill Jodrey, now retired in Florida, but a long-time SilverStringer, author of endless tales of the open road, and writer of his own story, "Diary of a Hobo".

"Allan Jodrey"  
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: Diary Of a Hobo
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 15:55:03 -0400

Bill Jodrey et al:

I have just finished reading the Diary of a Hobo. I am not a real reader as I tend to scan and go on. This book is another story. I enjoyed it more than I can truly say.

Now! This is not because my name happens to be Allan Jodrey and that I was born and raised in Southbridge Mass. and that my paternal grandparents came from Nova Scotia (Ward Mountain and North Alton).

No way! I just liked the book!

Sincerely, Al Jodrey

P.S. I was born in 1927


Charlie Trivette of Melrose is becoming a regular reader of the Mirror. This time he comments on Don Norris's piece on the qualifications of presidential candidates:

"Charlie Trivette"  
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: scouts creed
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004
Dear Don,

I enjoyed your article on Presidents. However if a politician agreed to abide with the Boy Scout Creed, he would never get the money needed to win an election. In my way of thinking all of (them) are runing for self-gains. They care nothing about what the average person wants any way.

I enjoy reading the articles from the Melrose Mirror. Keep up the good work.

Charlie Trivette    

On scouting out the Presidency


And finally there comes the most unusual request we've had. It deals with ... well, read for yourself. In the meantime, we have contacted Melrose/artist/pharmacist Anthony Accetullo.

To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: pharmacist and artist
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004

Hallo !
I'm looking for people with the double profession of pharmacist and

His short biography on your website shows that Mr.Accettullo is a
pharmacist as well as an renown artist. Therefore he would fit perfectly
in my new book-project.

My plans are to produce a miniature book about ca. 20-30 pharmaceutical
painter-artists. That book would only be produced in a small number,
completely hand-made. Making books is my hobby. (Unfortunately I have
only a small amount of time left to bookmaking, because I´m still full-time
working as a pharmacist.)

Details to my project: My criterion was to select artists who can be be
found over the InterNet, so that interested readers can easily find
further information and works. I found some historical  as well as contemporary
artists, who will be shown equally and alphabetically in the book, in
order to make as broad an overview as possible. I plan to show from each
artist one or two pieces of art  (colored) as well as, if available, a
portrait. In addition there will be  a short personal record of his / her personal career and artistic development.

While I´m free to tell a biography with my own words, pictures are a different
matter. For copyright reasons I need a permission from most artists and/or their family (or the present owners of the pictures) for using the pictures and I did not yet reach them all.

The following artists are in the project list:

1. Copyrights expired or declarations of consent are present)

Barraud, Charles Decimus (1822 - 1897)
Blau, Peter geb. 1957 (Lichtmaler)
Chen Shyue Yuan (geb.1966, Kalligaphie , chinesische Malerei)
Cranach, Lucas (d.Ältere, 1472-1553)
Cranach, Lucas (d.Jüngere ) (1515-1586) -eventuell reicht auch ein
Empie, Hart Haller (1909-2002)
Hirzel, Hermann (1864-1939)
Köster, Alexander (1864- 1932)
Mallory, Rickey (auch Schriftstellerin - die Dame ist zurückhaltend mit
Angabe ihres Alters)
Martin, Ernest D. (geb. 1921) ( auch Politiker, ehemals Senator in
Schwager, Richard (1822-1880)
Spitzweg, Carl (1808-1885)

2. Either still no contact made or confirmed or still no permission

Castle, John (1936-1999)
Douglas, Valerie
Galvan, Alicia Zavala (auch bei dieser Dame keine Angaben zum Alter,
ebenfalls auch Schriftstellerin)
Forteza, Nicholas
Gavere, Cornelia de (1877-1955)
Groebel, Matthias (geb. 1958)
Kley, Rudolf (geb.1946)
Kohm Giovanni (geb. 1942)
Lehmann, Bernhard G. (geb.1944)
Matthaei, Friedrich (geb. 1913)
McEwen, Jean (1923-1999)
Ritschel, Wolfgang A.
O´Sullivan, Maire
Recouvreur ,Adrien (1858-1944)
Schmack, Herwig
Thalhamer, Bernhard
Wamble, Larry (zusätzlich ein bekannter Humorist)

Planned is a bound book  in miniature form, the number depending on
sales and my existing spare time, and a ebook variant, which will be given to
all participating artists as freeware. If possible, they get an exemplar of
the bound book as well. (I think, the pharmacists could bear such a
additional positive advertisement for their profession/art).

I would be pleased  if you get me in contact with Mr.Accettullo.

Yours sincerely

Charlotte Erpenbeck

Alte Sonnen-Apotheke
Markt 2
D-49740 Haselünne


July 2, 2004

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