The weather
 outside was frightful

by Natalie Thomson

Public Service Bulletin: My computer questioned me this past month. "Do you know where your shovel is?" That led to, "Have you stumbled upon your boots lately? You put your gloves inside your knitted hat five months ago. THEN where did you store them? Is your de-icer in the hardware drawer?...the car trunk?... the toolbox? Have you finished knitting the new scarf? Is the fringe complete to jazz up the ends? Have you replaced the worn out long underwear? Your chapstick container scraped your bottom lip last February. You need to buy new winter underwear...a size larger. Did you buy the Thanksgiving platter when they were on sale? Where did you put the half-priced cards you bought last January? Oh, golly! It's your turn to have the family. Who has the folding tables and did they fix the broken leg-clamp?"

I think I'll go to the beach today.   

August 6, 2004

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