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Let's have the WHOLE story

 ... A Stringer takes issue with "Another war -- anyone?"

by Len Dalton

Editor's note: Len Dalton's letter is in response to the review of Jackie Wattenberg's play, "A new war, anyone?" that was reviewed by Stringer Don Norris in the July issue. While all people concerned here are Stringers and regulars with the Melrose Mirror, traditionally Jackie takes a liberal bent while Len supports the more politically conservative approach to life.

24 Jul 2004 17:38:42 -0400
From: "Lenny"  
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: A new war -- anyone?

While there might be much truth to the Wattenberg play, nobody seems
interested in the credit and debit of the Iraq conflict. Why can't the
writer address the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis butchered by
Saddam Hussein? Why were there no representatives of the suffering
masses of the Iraqi people? Why was there no talk of the delta people
whose thousands of years old culture was wiped out by Saddam? Why was
there no referance to the Kurds sent to a horrible death by gas by the Saddam regime? Why? Because, as usual, Jackie Wattenberg is grinding an ax. An ax ground with virtual propaganda so nobody would consider the 'other side' and the genuine merits of eliminating Saddam and his degenerate regime. Next time, Jackie, tell the whole story. It's the American way.

Leonard B. Dalton

August 6, 2004

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