Barbeque at Milano Senior Center

... cook out - eat in!

by Natalie Thomson

It's summertime and the livin' is easy...that is if you're a Melrose Senior Citizen. This past month the back yard of the "carriage house" at the Beebe Estate sported spirals of smoke as a professional outdoor chef cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for close to fifty seniors. They were in the mood for cooking alfresco but dining indoors and their wishes were accommodated by the Trustees and helpers in the kitchen and dining room.

Jack Beckley, Executive Director for the Melrose Council on Aging, welcomed the festive group including Mayor Rob Dolan, Senator Richard Tisei and Former Mayor Jim Milano. Richard Clark, portraying Mark Twain, was excellent as was the original entertainer a hundred years ago. Many of his venerable words and ideas live on in truth today.

Jack Beckley and Mister Chef                                                      J. Schwarz, E. Wright, R. Quinn-Dietrich, H. Quinn

M. McEachern & M.Hardy                                                          Mary LePage & Nancy Sumares

Michael, Ralph & Hollis Restall                                                    M.& R. LePage with Gene Marchaud

Room full of hungry Seniors                                                        Senator Tisei & Mayor Dolan

P. Johnson, D. Pearl, Mayor Dolan                                              Senator Tisei & Former Mayor Milano

Natalie Thomson, Prize-winner                                                     Mark Twain, Philospher/Humorist

Richard Clark, Actor/Educator                                                   Marion & Peter Gianino

September 3, 2004

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