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Pols party but
no one came

from Stringer Don Norris

There was a primary election held in Melrose on September 14, but for the most part it turned out to be an affirmation of the pols who were already in office. At least in Melrose.

For example, Lorry and I were numbers 45 and 46 when we showed up at Hoover School voting place at 4:30 that afternoon. There were something like 1245 voters registered in Precinct 1 of Ward 7.

The lady asked us in which party we wanted to participate. There were four choices -- we had been carried as "unenrolled" so we could vote where the action was. Unfortunately, there wasn't any action, except in the Democrats' selection of candidate for county sheriff -- the incumbent or any one of two other aspirants.

Otherwise, on the Republican side, there were no incumbents, only contenders with little chance of getting elected in this predominantly Democratic district. No choice, just affirm the candidates chosen by the party.

Or we could have voted in either the Green-Rainbow party, or the Libertarian Party. Who?

So both of us decided we'd go Democratic this time -- if only to boost incumbent Sheriff James DiPaola, who seems to have done a good job, if his campaign literature is believable. And of course, we wanted to endorse Melrose Representative Mike Festa, whom I consider a bright star on Beacon Hill.

Otherwise, we could have stayed at home. Most people did.

October 1, 2004

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