... and there was entertainment ...

from the SilverStringer photo team

This is Hometown, USA. This is Melrose, in the heart of New England.

Many of the area dance studios participated in the annual fair.

A young mother displays her enthusiasm with her drum ... and the coach shows his anxiety as his student shatters the board.

Polymnia Choral Society performed and there was another dance group, but this toy train was a hit with the little folks.

With music blaring, the beat pounding, how could they resist the temptation to dance?

Velvet Elvis, impersonator of the popular '50s singer, a fitness group and Rick Wong, leader of the Hall of the Crane....

Offhand guess: 10,000 visitors at this annual six-hour fair. It was set up on Main Street in the morning, it was gone by nightfall.

Oriental exercise groups displayed their skills, a Milano Center senior citizens' group showed off, and a mixed martial arts team did their thing ...

Whamo! A well-placed leg-kick evens the score.

A group of young singers perform, while yet younger girls wait their turn. At the right are the Irish Step Dancers.

There has to be a merry-go-round at any fair -- and ponies for all to ride.

The theme of these young actors varied from individual displays of martial arts to a group of "Rockettes" and a fine troop of "Cute" dancers.

This dance group of adults and children was delightful.

This was one of the more active dance groups; at the right the National Guard had set up a climbing wall -- for ALL ages.

And finally the charm of these young singers was too much to pass up. This is Melrose, the hometown of the USA.

October 1, 2004

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