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From the Stringer Photo Team

This 24th edition of the yearly Victorian Fair in Melrose is again hosted by John Connery and Marcy Holbrook.

Christine Boutin in period dress, CofC Treasurer Jeff Jones and Joanne Eldridge, parade coordinator. At the right is the new Emergency Management team.

There were lots of local candidates, including incumbents Representative Mike Festa (at left) and State Senator Richard Tisei.

MMTV -- Melrose, Mass., Television -- commentators John Ambrogne and Sarah Witkowski.

There's that tall girl with the long, willowy legs. And we have a vintage 1880 Melrose Baseball Team on parade, in period uniforms.

Andy Cerretani, grandson of John and Marianna Cerretani of Melrose. At the right is Pedro Gonzalez Lopez and Henry Maldonado of the newest restaurant in town, the Mexico Lindo.

Mayor Dolan presents a painting by Jeff Caturano of EMARC's Center for Emerging Artists to Tony Pallotta of Runner's Edge on the occasion of the 10th Annual Run for EMARC. Tony was being recognized for coordinating the race for 10 years. The woman congratulating Tony is EMARC Executive Director Jo Ann Simons. EMARC serves children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

October 1, 2004

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