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Silver Haired Legislature Report

... unexpected visitor

by Anne MacGillivray

The Silver Haired Legislature began its yearly meeting on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at the State House. It was an unusually delightful meeting graced by the unexpected visit from Supreme Court Justice Roderick Ireland from Washington D. C. His comments on our efforts as advocates for Seniors were most encouraging and supportive. The meeting reviewed the estate recovery and assets transfers, appointments of committee members, emphasizing and reviewing the importance of legislative alert notices and the filing of new bills and bills to be refiled.

After the meeting the members visited their respective Legislators to turn in their proposed bills.

As a result of many visits to the various local Councils on Aging and contacts with distant area districts, President Sally Hoyt of Reading and House Speaker Anne MacGillivray of Melrose, spent the summer reaching out to those who had a desire to know more about and wanted to be a part of the Silver Haired Legislature. As a result, they secured a grassroots membership of 400 Silver Advocates adding an extra supportive dimension to the Silver Haired Legislature. This advocacy group will support elder issues when called upon to contact their respective Legislators in support of priority bills submitted by the Silver Haired Legislator as well as bills in current debate regarding the quality of life of seniors and the disabled.

The next meeting of the Silver Haired Legislature will be October 18, 2004 at the State House.

Anne MacGillivray
SHL House Speaker
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Melrose, Ma 02146
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October 1, 2004

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