Computer Tips

Computer Tips12/04:
Auto receive Email

... no need to check for email now.

by Bob Ross

Set so Email is downloaded automatically and at intervals....
Open your Inbox in Outlook express.

1. Click  Tools.
2. Click Options
    Option window opens with what can be set.
    A. General section opened
     1.  General has 4 boxes.
           Select what you want.
     2.  Send / Receive Messages has 3 boxes.
           Click each box to select ALL three.
     3.  Enter number of minutes you want mail downloaded. 5, 15, 30, whatever

3. You can check the other options now or close.
 If you do not want to check other options,
    click apply.
    click OK.  
You are now set.  

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December 3, 2004

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