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Silver Haired Legislature Report November 2004

... SHL presents citation to Gov. Romney

by Anne MacGillivray

Senator Richard Tisei, Anne Macgillivray, Sally Hoyt and Lt. Governor Healy.

Tuesday, November 16 was named Silver Haired Legislature proclamation day by Governor Mitt Romney at the State House during the regular monthly meeting which is held in the Senate reading room in the State House. This month also marked the special event of the ending of the 24th year of the Massachusetts Silver Haired Legislature.

Lieutenant Governor Healy accepted a citation on behalf of Governor Romney from the Silver Haired Legislature citing his support for the Silver Haired Legislature and his efforts for the preservation of quality of life for seniors and the disabled.

Standing with Lieutenant Governor Healy are Massachusetts Silver Haired President, Sally Hoyt of Reading, Massachusetts Silver Haired House Speaker, Anne MacGillivray of Melrose, and Senator Richard Tisei.

Lieutenant Governor Healy stressed the effort they are exercising regarding future plans for affordable housing and the much needed expansion of extended transportation services for seniors and the disabled. She expressed their vision to make these "priority" issues, considering the fast approaching new seniors coming up from the baby-booming generation and the longevity of life with the current senior population. Their vision embraces a hope of being able to provide Senior Centers with vans that will accommodate a greater seating capacity and go beyond restricted destinations.

The meeting was followed by a luncheon held in the Nurses' Hall in the State House. An invocation was read by Anne MacGillivray prior to honoring some of the General Court members. A citation of recognition for their dedication and service to the cause of maintaining quality of life for seniors and the disabled was presented to Representative Dan Keenan, chair of the House Committee on Medicaid, and Representative Peter Koutoujian, chair of the committee on Health Care by Anne MacGillivray. Other citations were presented to Senator Bruce Tarr of Reading and Senator Diane Wilkerson of Boston by Sally Hoyt.

Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Roderick Ireland was among the visiting guests and delivered his personal accolades to the Silver Haired Legislature by regarding it as an organization extraordinaire for its contribution to the communities they serve regarding legislation pertaining to the preservation of quality of life for seniors and the disabled.

The Silver Haired Legislature will continue their work fine combing and discussing bills drafted for legislation and continue their community efforts during their winter break. They will reconvene in March to hold their regular monthly meetings in the Senate reading room at the State House.

Anne MacGillivray MSHL Rep. and House Speaker
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December 3, 2004

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