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Find out about your Hard Drive

... fix problems on your hard drive

Bob Ross

What do you know about your computer hard drive?  
 How much disk space? -
 How many files you have?
 How many indexes?
 How many bad sectors?
 System files in use?
 Log files used?
 How much free space on drive?

A simple way to find this out is to use the DOS Command.
In NT/2K/XP, it's not really DOS (there is no true DOS in those OSes)but rather a command interpreter that acts in a DOS-like way. Older versions of Windows has a true DOS

To use these DOS commands:
Click on Start, then Run. Type in command, press Enter.
Run box opens.
To get information on your drive
In the Open line, type in ckhdsk, press Enter.
It will take about 5 minutes (depending on what you have).
When finished It will provide information on problems found and answers to all of the above questions.
You can save this info to a file if you want.  
At top left will be a small c:\
Click on the c:\.
In the drop-down window
click Edit then click Select all.
Click on the c:\ again. In the dropdown window click Edit, then Copy.

On your desktop (No files open) Right click on an open space,in drop-down window click new. A New text document file icon
appears on left bottom of your desktop. Double click the icon and file opens. Cursor blinking at top of file.

Right click then click paste. The info is now in this file.
Click on File - Save As. Type in filename you want to use:
I usually use 11-1-4 Drive Status.txt (11-1-4 is Date done)

If problems are found or bad sectors found, correct them by running again, this time using
    chkdsk /f.  (the /f denotes fix problems).  
Save this and paste in the Drive Status.txt file you made earlier.
You have a record of your C:\ hard-drive.

There are number of commands available. To find out what they are,
In the command box type help. You can save to your Drive Status
file for future reference if you want to play with them.

When finished, to close the Command at the blinking cursor,
type exit. It closes.

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January 7, 2005

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