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Iraqi war is justified, Melrose writer contends

... alternative is continued murder of innocents

from Len Dalton

Editor's note: Len Dalton's letter to the editors refers to Jackie Wattenberg's political commentary, "The men of great ambitions ..." that appeared in the November issue of the Melrose Mirror. Both writers are members of the SilverStringers.

Sun, 07 Nov 2004  
From: "Lenny"
Subject: Wattenberg's hostility towards President Bush

After reading her article concerning Republicans now in office, I can only assume Jackie Wattenberg would rather have Saddam Hussein still running Iraq and still gassing thousands of Kurdish men, women and children as he did. Perhaps she prefers the concept of the mass executions ordered by Hussein in many parts of Iraq. Or is it the fondness of Hussein's murderous degenerate sons who are also responsible for indulging themselves with rape, murder and general mayhem among the countrymen and women.

The loss of life while Americans are trying to free Iraq is the result of hostile Muslim militants aided by any number of non Iraqis from Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Why does she choose to indict the Bush administration? Why is she unable or unwilling to state the facts about good progress in Iraq? Grinding an axe becomes rather too obvious to anyone with the ability to think.

Len Dalton
Melrose, Massachusetts

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