Christmas is ...

by Russ Priestley

If you had hoped you'd never see
Another poem about a Christmas tree,
Or one to mimic Clement Moore,
Starting with "Twas the night before..."
Eureka! You have found it, so
I'll relate just what I know.

It is a Christian holiday
Which is observed in many a way.
And before October has departed
Many charitable pleas have started.
Mail order catalogs by the score
Start arriving at your door.

Retail stores will clear the shelves
As Halloween gives way to elves.
Thanksgiving will get little space
'cause Christmas sales set the pace.
Christmas cards and gifts galore
Are stacked in every retail store.

It's a wonderful time to see
Your close friends and family.
Go to the church of your choice,
Then just celebrate and rejoice.
When it's over don't shed a tear,
But thank God it comes just once a year.

December 3, 2004

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