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Another voice on the war in Iraq

... responding to Len Dalton's comment

from Arnold Koch

While democracy is alive and well in many parts of the globe, the Middle East remains a hotbed of tyranny. Of the 22 Arab states, not one of them is democratic. Iraqis have existed for centuries and never fought for freedom for themselves. The world's most repressive regimes are in the Middle East.

There has never been an Arab democracy. President Bush's view that freedom is the "future of every nation" is an exercise in self-deception. Where is "Operation Saudi Freedom?" -- the financial host of terrorism.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, they were 100 miles from controlling half of the world’s oil, including the Saudi’s. In exchange for saving their palaces, did we try to convince them that freedom and democracy was in their best interest?


I can remember when Jackie Wattenberg arranged for MMTV to broadcast an interview of Scott Ritter. He made a strong case that, as a UN Inspector, neither he, nor anyone else, saw evidence of WMDs and that Iraq posed no threat to the U.S.

To accuse Jackie of "grinding an axe" is unfounded and unfair. To paraphrase an old saying, "in the land of the blind - the one-eyed woman is king." We will need more "axe grinders" in the months to come if we are ever to remove our brave soldiers from the killing fields of Iraq.

January 7, 2005

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