Senior Center Celebration

... Ho! Ho! Ho!

by Silverstringers - Photos by Ella Letterie & Shirley Rabb

December 16th was Holiday Party time at the Milano Senior Center in Melrose. The winter holiday decorations fueled the guests' high spirits and only a few lucky folks were lifted from the long waiting list to become a part of this annual festival.

Mayor Rob Dolan greeted every guest at every table, including Preston Johnson and his holiday bow tie. City Auditor Patrick Dello Russo, said a holiday "Hi" to everyone he knew plus others that he added to his list of new friends.

Frank Callahan contributed mightily to the Christmas Chorus.

Monique Hardy, contributed cheerfully to the cleanup committee.

Joe Smith and Bob Taylor sat in their favorite lunch-time seats and really appreciated the music, laughs and entertainment that went with this day.

The ladies were lovely in their finest holiday outfits, sporting holly wreaths, jingle bells or sequined flowers.

Norma Williams and Natalie Thomson posed with Chuck Person who is so capable at filling the director's position while Jack Beckley recovers from knee surgery.

Shirley Rabb and Polly Flanagan looked forward to the next party...Theodore Berger's 99th birthday in February.

Muriel White's talent involved going from glamorous singer to talented comedienne. The "should be in show business" men she chose from the audience had everyone hooting and hollering under her girl-from-the-forties wide-eyed guidance.

Mike McDonough's sense of humor took over as he dressed for his part as Santa's favorite singing reindeer, Rudolph.

The professionals who so capably lit our holiday fires, Diane Fontez, Dorothy Stratton and Muriel White, ended their talented, funny, emotional song and snicker program. We apologize that the pictures of Peter Marino performing on the piano ended up on the cutting room floor (as we say in show biz). We can't explain what went wrong with the camera, but we can attest that he contributed grandly by accompanying others and with his lilting solo rendition on the flute of Sleighbells.

Everyone's wish was granted. It was "Happy Holidays!"

January 7, 2005

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