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Some Mirror reflections

Editors' note: The mailbag was rich with new material over the holidays, including two readers' comments about articles that appeared in the Mirror several years ago. But then, we are a unique publication in that virtually every article we've ever published (with few exceptions) since our 1996 birthing is still available.

Look for the subjectline in the heading to get a bearing on each writer's thoughts.


"Henry Wellins"        
To: melrose@media.mit.edu       
Subject: 2nd auxiliary surgical group       
Date:    Thu, 30 Dec 2004 15:34:39 -0500    

I was in the advanced group that landed in north Africa 11/8/42. Our group consisted of three MD's -- Drs. Dent, Mansfield and Berlin -- three medics, Levine, myself and the third medic whose name I have forgotten. I served in Africa, Italy and Anzio.

I read Kay Driscoll's article with great interest. She is right on the money, we were the first Mash. My name is Henry Wellins and would love to hear from her.


... and Stringer/Advisor Jack Driscoll replies:

Dear Henry -- Kay Driscoll Bistany happens to have been my oldest sister and unfortunately died about three years ago. I'm sure she would have loved to trade stories with you.

Best wishes, Jack Driscoll

Note: Kay Driscoll Bistany's story was written by current editor Don Norris. It was an insider's look at World War II, through the eyes of a front-line nurse. It is still available in the Stringer archives:

Click here to read Kay's vivid recollections


To:  melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: Melrose Mirror
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 13:03:19 -0500

I just received my first E-mailed copy of the Melrose Mirror and I think it's great! I was born and raised in Melrose and find your articles very interesting. I do a lot of traveling and prepare a written journal for each trip. I would like contribute some of my journals to the Mirror. How can I go about it?

Aubrey (Ozzie) Boutin
St. Augustine, Florida

... and an editor answers ...

Aubrey. Thanks for the pat on the back.

Your connection to Melrose still stands, and we at the Mirror will appreciate your stories. Send them along.

We do have a board of editors, but their function, it seems, is to make spelling corrections. Heaven forbid if they ever changed anybody's copy.

We have half a dozen members who now live beyond our city limits -- good folks like Eleanor Jenkins, Jerry Norton and Steve Johnson, all of whom write about their time as residents here -- or their exploits abroad.

You can submit stories at the Melrose address -- same as you used before. Or you can email your material (including photos) to any of the editors. Of course a third alternative is to request membership, in which case you will be able to insert material into your own basket, and submit stories directly to the editors' box.

No pressure, not too many deadlines. It's all pretty informal here. You certainly are welcome to play.

Don Norris
Editor Number 3.

January 7, 2005


The Grocotts  

To: melrose@media.mit.edu       
Subject: Len Dalton's article in re to 1941 in Melrose       
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004     

I so enjoyed reading this article! However, I wonder if he, (Len), was incorrect saying that the Franklin School was closed at the start of WWll. I was in the 3rd grade AT the Franklin school at that time and stayed there through the 6th grade, having gone to the 1st and 2nd grades at the old Whittier school on Franklin St. My 3rd grade teacher was Miss Pepper and the entire class knitted squares for afghans for the soldiers overseas. In the 4th grade I had Miss Sargent; cannot recall 5th grade teacher but in 6th grade it was Miss Miller. Then I went on to the Roosevelt for 7th and 8th grades.

Judith Hawkes Grocott
(husband is John, also of Melrose and played hockey for Henry Hughes and Charlie Holt)


Thu, 09 Dec 2004
From: "wstorlazzi"
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: JFK meeting

Hi ... "JFK and the Republican Mayor" was a wonderful story. That must have been the day when JFK walked down Main and suddenly walked over to my wife Rose and shook her hand. She was quite happy  at the event ... I was at the GE working.

Walt Storlazzi

Mr. Storlazzi must have been wading through the Mirror archives, for that story had an ID number of 163 -- we are now about number 10330. The author was Don Norris, who was a charter member and is now an editor.

Click here for a link to the JFK story.

January 7, 2005

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