Down in the dumps

... post-holiday slumps

by Natalie Thomson

'Twas the doldrums of winter.
We'd survived all the stress
With the sales slips of Christmas
And commercial duress.

Store music and tinsel
Were canned (packed away).
We succumbed to depression
For sixty more days.

The snow piles were dirty
All over the town
And warm clothes were boring -
Navy blue, black and brown.

The sun when 'twas shining
Disappeared all too soon
And darkness descended
In the late afternoon.

The people with jobs
Got so testy and glum
They felt their soft blankets
And sucked their warm thumbs.

The ones with the bills
From the Santa Claus spree
Sent off minimum payments -
And maximum fee.

Then those with investments
Or money to burn
Went to climates of warmth
With a ten-day return.

To avoid tears of torment
There's only one thing
For survivors to dwell on:-
The promise of spring.

February 4, 2005

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