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Computer Tips:March05
Clear your cache

... speed up your computer and other things

Bob Ross

Browsers save a copy of each web page you visit in a cache on your hard drive. When you revisit that page, the browser can display it from your cache instead of downloading it again. While designed to speed up your surfing, the opposite can happen when your cache gets too full of these temporary Internet files (all the HTML, graphics and text on a given web page). Clearing your cache regularly frees up valuable hard-drive space and speeds up your surfing.

Clear your Internet Explorer  cache by going to
> Tools
>Internet Options.  (Contains 7 tabs.)
 ... In General Tab which is first tab.
> Under Temporary Internet Files,
>Click Delete Files  
  ... All Temporary files are deleted.
> Click OK to close the window.

You can delete Cookies if you want.
Cookies are small, and speed up visiting various sites.
Deleting Cookies slows down accessing some sites.
I never delete my cookies.

While in your Internet options window, you might want to change your HomePage.
If you decide you want a new Home Page,
Open the site you want to use.
In the Address Line, hilite the url.
Copy it. (Ctrl-C)
Open the Internet Options window.
In the Address line, hilite the address
Press CTRL-V - New Home Page address is pasted.
Deleting the old HomePage address.
Click Apply - Click OK
This closes the Tools window
Your old Home page comes up.
In the ToolBar, Click on the house (Home icon).
Your new home page opens.

If you find something you like better while surfing the web make it your HomePage. Make the Melrose Mirror your HomePage - ESPN - Your Investment Portfolio... whatever you check frequently.  You can change back anytime.  
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In Netscape, go to Edit > Preferences. Under Category, click on the plus sign next to Advanced, then click on Cache > Clear Cache and Clear Disk Cache > OK.

March 4, 2005

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