It has earned its due

by William C. Moore

  With its red and white stripes flying,
  Flashing fifty sparkling white stars
  On a blue field close to the pole,
  This is our flag - our symbol, our soul.

  It has earned its keep o'er two hundred years
  Proudly flying amongst bravery and tears.
  "Old Glory" waves so the whole world will know
  It has sheltered multitudes from fear of foe.

  This banner, wind-whipped from morn till eve
  Convinces the world and they all believe.
  Our founders stressed rights, not might,
  Allowing freedom of speech, not fright.

  Don't ever treat me in any way bad.
  Burning or desecrating is sacrilegiously sad,
  Igniting fire in all who served her true.
  Those who fought for the "red, white and blue."

  Our land of freedom is most certainly the best,
  Bounded by the Atlantic on East, Pacific on West.
  Three thousand miles of mountains, and prairies
  To shelter all whose creed, or language varies.
  It guides all of us through special events
  And when man-made wars become intense,
  Solidifying unity, holding American spirit true
  Until the agreement of peace comes into view.

  This banner we honor used to be on display
  In our nation's school rooms every day.
  And the full "Pledge of Allegiance" we'd say.
  This tradition must be reinstituted today.

  To show our heroic forefathers we do care,
  Let's display our patriotism everywhere.
  March 4, 2005                      

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