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Digital Camera care - Windows XP update

... might save you some dollars

Bob Ross

#1. Protect your digital camera from cold winter weather
Those magical, frozen landscapes may inspire you to keep your digital camera handy, but make sure you protect it from the cold, harsh elements.

Always keep your camera dry.
Use a lens hood to keep snow off the front of your camera.

Don't take your cold camera inside a warm car or building for short periods of time. Condensation could form on its exterior and freeze when you return outdoors.

To protect your camera and equipment from the cold, keep them inside your camera bag with the zippers tightly closed when you're not taking photos.

Choose lithium batteries and rechargeable Ni-MH cells as they last longest in cold temperatures.

#2 Help your digital camera batteries last longer
Extend the use of your digital camera's battery by taking some life-prolonging steps.

Always read the instructions that come with your batteries.

For NiCad and NiMH batteries, run them down completely at least once a month to avoid problems with the memory effect.

Give rechargeable batteries a chance to cool down after recharging.

Replace all your batteries at the same time.

Use four identical new batteries when you replace them don't mix batteries from different manufacturers.

Store batteries in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

#3 Upgrading Windows XP to SP2
Are you a Windows XP user?
Have you upgraded to Windows XP sp2?

If you have Windows XP Home or Professional Editions and would like to know which version of Windows XP you are running, you can find out by doing this.
In XP, go to Start > Run.  Type in the word


and then press the enter key on your keyboard.  

This opens something called "About Windows" that tells you exactly what version of Windows you are running.  

For example, on my desktop, my "About Windows" screen shows the following:

    Microsoft (R) Windows
    Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp2_rtm.040803_2158 : Service Pack 2
    Copyright (C) 1981-2001 Microsoft Corporation

At the end of the second line of text on your "About Windows" screen gives your version. If you see the words "Service Pack 2," stop reading. Your version of Windows has already been updated to Windows XP Service Pack 2 [SP2]. There is nothing else you need to do...except, possibly, running Windows Update.

To make sure your computer isn't missing any critical updates released over the past weeks--
In Internet Explorer,
Click on Tools >
Click on Windows Update
...A check on your computer is made to see what is installed.
...After the check another window opens with a couple of choices.
Click on Express install.
...Another check is made and if any updates are available, they will be listed.
If none available, it tells you No Updates available.

You should run Windows update from time to time to make sure you remain up to date.

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April 1, 2005

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