by Dr. Al Mandraccia

                      Alexandra is her name
                          Alex for short
                  Her age just two and one half
                   A strange and difficult time
                       How to describe her
                        A pleasant chore
                      She shows so much
                          Has even more

          A lively happy child who dotes on her dad
      Sheís motherís joy and big brother Mattís true pal
                       Slender and trim
                        Tall for her age
       Really ready to grace and perform on her stage

                     Hair is long and blonde
                        With a tint of red
                   Dark lashes, sparkling eyes
                            and so wide
                          A dimpled cheek
                     Pearly eyes, a stubborn chin
     Her body is strong, potent and shaped are her limbs

                           Why walk
                    When running is so much fun
                           Messy or neat
                    Her day is full and complete
                              Baby talk
                        Her diction so clear
         No misunderstanding this youngest of the tribe

       I know youíll want to meet this future queen
                   So Iíll attach a photo
                         so coy, so shy
          A little bit of heaven placed here on earth
         To spread happiness, comfort, joy, and mirth

Alex - again

Hark my lads
I pray thee heed
I have just been thrown from my steed
Her golden tresses tinged with red
Adorns her figure
I am in dread

A coquettish face with eyes so deep
Bowed lips
A dimpled chin below
Stopped my breath
How was I to know
That mischievous twinkle would hold me in tow

Her smile and her beguiling kiss
T'was merely a brush from her heated lips
I know nothing in this world is free
Even if her age is barely over three

May 6, 2005

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