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Silver Legislature celebrates Silver Anniversary

... praise given and citations awarded

from Anne MacGillivray

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 made an indelible mark on the Silver Legislature as they celebrated their silver anniversary in the Great Hall of Flags in the State House. The event began with the regular monthly meeting at 9:30. Silver Legislator President Sally Hoyt presented a list of priority bills for fiscal year 2006 being submitted to the General Court. Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healy presented a citation of honor to the Silver Legislature on behalf of Governor Romney for their dedicated service over the past 25 years. Lieutenant Governor Healy emphasized the positive plans being hoped for regarding improving transportation for seniors through their Councils on Aging.

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However, the highlight of her talk was the sharing of her personal family tragedy regarding the sudden and untimely death of her father that took place this past Christmas season. She placed emphasis on the importance of seniors being aware of minor swallowing problems that surface very subtly, and the need of addressing it in its very early stage. She stressed not to discount it as a minor symptom of just being a part of the aging process, as she and her family did with her father. Thus, her father suddenly choked to death at a meal. Later is was learned that a condition where the esophagus became constricted, and if detected in its early stages, could have been treated.

Visiting guests were afforded the opportunity of addressing concerns of their own. House Speaker Anne MacGillivray gave testimony on some of the phases of her disabled husband's and her own personal plight of years ago and stressed the importance of staying in the fight and not to give up in an effort to make change for the better, especially when you have "been there, done that".

Senate President Robert Travaglini was presented with a citation by Silver Legislator President Sally Hoyt in honor and recognition for. his support and help for the cause of preserving quality of life for seniors' issues and for his help in the restoration of funding for the Silver Legislature to help their many needs to continue to survive as an organization and to move forward after they lost their funding two years ago.  Also, being recognized by Silver Legislator President Hoyt for her senior concerns and help was Senator Therese Murray.

Representative John Rogers received a citation for his dedicated efforts and concern for seniors and was acknowledged for the many achievements and appointments during his years of service by House Speaker Anne MacGillivray.

Other guests honoring the occasion were Representative Peter Koutoujian, Representative Mike Festa, Representative Ed Connolly, Representative Marie Parente, and State House Attorney and Chief of Staff of Senator Brad Jones, Fred Van Magnus.

A luncheon sponsored by Tufts Health was a special highlight of the celebration and enjoyed by all.

Anne MacGillivray,
Silver Legislature House Speaker
and Rep. for Melrose and precinct 4, 5, 6 Wakefield
49 Melrose St., Apt. 1c
Melrose, Ma 02176

May 6, 2005

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