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September 11, 2001

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Yikes! It's
  a bumblebee!

from Don Norris

Soldier volunteers
 for tour in

by Irving Smolens

Snow plows
Jerry Norton

Jack Beckley, Director of Melrose Council on Aging whose offices occupy a portion of the Beebe House. After college, Jack worked with the social services department of Mass General Hospital. This sparked his interest in catering to the needs of older people. He enjoys computers, photography and time with his family of four sons and wife, who is a special education teacher.

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- April 2, 2004

This watercolor by Gayle Lerman captures the beauty of our Senior Center after the remodeling of the Beebe barn, as mentioned in our lead article. The Center serves the seniors of Melrose engaging in various activities, meetings, movies, lectures, as well as noontime lunch Monday through Friday. In addition to group activities (social, health-related and educational), it serves as the base where the Melrose Mirror is published, with the aid of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Under the direction of SilverStringer Jim Driscoll, we are striving to raise the funds to renovate the basement of this building. Included will be a lounge area and a section with computers to allow seniors to access the internet. The fund-raising goal is about 75% complete.

Publisher for the April 2, 2004 issue is SilverStringer Russ Priestley

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
 ... our care center of choice
by Shirley Rabb

Memories of old cars
 ... Margery goes for a ride
by Margery Carter

Photo essay: The capture of Saddam Hussein
 ... news content from the front lines
Photos via Irving Smolens

Presidents' day party
 ... a patriotic blast
by Ella Letterie

Discovering America -- in Melrose, Massachusetts
... finds Stringers' story in Philadelphia Inquirer 
by Eleanor Jenkins 

Doodle-without-thought by Shirley
 ... what do you see in these pictures?
by Natalie Thomson

Fonetic spelling
 ... that's rite, fonetic spelling
by Russ Priestley

What would the world be without  music
 ... an essay by my grandmother, submitted by John Averell
by Hattie Hoit Richardson

Counting years with the Beethoven Society
 ... $11,000 provided Melrose High students
from Phil Pendleton

New section3/04: Computer Tips
 ... useful info for PC users
by Silver Stringers

Computer Tips3/04
Windows shortcut tips

 ... keyboard short cuts
by Bob Ross

"Oracle" Editor touches base with "Mirror"
 ... appreciates essay on Cape Ann
from Priscilla Porter

A Cuban vignette 
 ... those were the days 
by Jerry Norton

Under-cover photos reveal the real Bostonian
 ... funny, each face is unique, a work of art
by Don Norris

What kind of person do we want and need as president?
 ... we need a president who will wage peace, not war
by Jackie Wattenberg

Have YOU ever lived in Melrose Mass?
 ... soliciting history and stories 
by Bob Ross

Anne MacGillivray - Silver Haired legislator
 ... she has a busy schedule
from the SIlverStringers

Health specialists to speak at Milano Center
 ... St. Paddy's Day party highlights March Activities
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA


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