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September 11, 2001

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Library gets new flagpole
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by John Averell

Local travelers spot
 infernal machine

by Don Norris

Pulitzer prize winner Don Murray visited with the SilverStringers recently. See the lead story above.

A few bright Melrose folks to write about our experiences for the internet publication called The Melrose Mirror. No qualifications except your stuff has to pass a rather stuffy board of editors. Pay is terrible. Lots of vacation time. No night assignments. Free coffee. Weekly meetings with sociable group, Wednesday afternoons. Occasional lunch at MIT. Good fun. Join us next Wednesday, 1:30, at the Milano Senior Center.


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- November 5, 2004

What would you do if someone dropped 30 grand in YOUR lap? Stand up and cheer, just like these ladies in the Friday morning aerobics class at the Milano Center -- just after COA Director Jack Beckley announced that an anonymous donor had brought the renovation fund $30,000 closer to fruition. Mr. Beckley said that we are just a small move short of the goal -- some $180,000 to convert the basement floor of the Milano Center into a beautiful, warm, inviting meeting place complete with new computer facility.

Publishers for this issue are Don Norris and Kay McCarte.

Don Murray visits with Silverstringers
by Ella Letterie
... knew he wanted to write as a youngster

by Shirley Rabb
... the season and the celebration

They also serve
by Jerry Norton
... those left to guard on the home front ...

Growing up in Melrose (Part Two)
by Paul A. Hupper
...the downtown was full of fascinations for a pre-teenager 75 years ago

From my father's knee
by Russ Priestley
... to finality

The second-greatest story ever told
by Arnold Koch
... Melrose writer talks of Margaret Mitchell

It has been a great life
by B. Natalie Urban
... a wonderful 80 years

The SilverStringers - Who We Are
by Bob Ross
 ... a wealth of information 

Senior Center ban on religious expression
by Anne MacGillivray
... God not welcome here

The men of great ambitions, power and danger
by Jackie Wattenberg
... when will it end?

Some Melrose characters from the 1940s
by Steve Johnson
... Ducky, Lillybelle, Pin-Head and the Iceman

Shooting around -- really close up
by Don Norris
... getting right down and dirty

Elements of meteorology
by Len Dalton
 ... join the weather fraternity and have a lot of fun.

Silver Haired Legislature Oct 19, 2004 Meeting
by Anne MacGillivray
... the "Talking RX"

Computer Tips: 11/ 04
Group of contacts and 'Inbox' tricks

by Bob Ross
... one email contacts all your friends

Looking Ahead: Milano Center forges ahead ...
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA
... meanwhile, Jack takes "a vacation"

Mirror readers speak to us
Letters from a dozen places
... "Sunset" is out, Nostalgia is in ...


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