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September 11, 2001

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New color of money
by Bob Ross 

To eat or
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By Jerry Norton

SilverStringer Editor Jim Driscoll's wife Barbara passed away January 5, after a lingering illness. Through Jim, Barbara was an enthusiastic supporter of the Milano Senior Center and the Melrose Mirror.


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- January 7, 2005

Spot Pond in winter was photographed by Mike Ryan, President of the Friends of the Fells. An article dealing with the proposed development of the former New England Sanitarium property appears below.

Publisher for this issue is Ella Letterie.

Christmas Vignettes

Regional conference: Protecting common ground
from Mike Ryan
... from the Friends of the Fells

Dear John
by Jerry Norton
... a recruit's lament

Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Irving Smolens
... Dr. King's birthday and civil rights for all

What is an angler?
by Russ Priestley
... that's the Jeopardy answer

Mirror "Tomorrow's journal", newsman notes in book
Commentary from Dan Gillmor
... "We the Media" examines news in the future

The early days of word processing
by Steve Johnson
... The Computer, MIT, NASA's Apollo Project and "The Broadside"

Letters, letters, letters ....
Some Mirror reflections
... keeping in touch with our readers

Senior Center Celebration
by Silverstringers - Photos by Ella Letterie & Shirley Rabb
... Ho! Ho! Ho!

Good cheer, good music in Polymnia's holiday concert
by Jackie Wattenberg/ About The Arts
... the entrancing beauty of voices raised in song ...

My Aunt Mollie
by Shirley Rabb
...a life well lived

The Melrose Human Rights Committee
from Bonnie Cronin
... working to make Melrose "one community open to all"

Diversity of opinion -- the war in Iraq
by Irving Smolens
... "You do not occupy a country in which you are not wanted."

Another voice on the war in Iraq
from Arnold Koch
... responding to Len Dalton's comment

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade -- we had to see it
by Don Norris
... New York, New York, it's a wonderful town ...

Assignment: Give us YOUR resolutions
from the SilverStringers
... too fat, too unshapely, tired of smoking ...

Married 59 years
Bob Ross
 ... time really flies by

Find out about your Hard Drive

Bob Ross
... fix problems on your hard drive


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Kangaroo Troop by Marjorie Burgess, the Melrose Mirror theme song.
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