Playing with food

... a reasonable four-egg omlet

from Phyllis Fewtrell

Stringer Phyllis Fewtrell is performing magic by combining weight loss with delightful food. At the left is writer Natalie Thomson and at right, phototeam leader Louise Fennell.

I like to play with food. By that I mean that I adapt the ingredients at hand or substitute ingredients to make a recipe useful for my needs or likes.

Being a diabetic, a senior citizen and overweight there are so many no-nos to things I have come to enjoy, but no longer should have. An example: a four-egg omelet with milk and cheese. The following is a replacement I have come to enjoy.

Sunday brunch is an omelet made with egg beaters or other egg substitute using about 1/2 cup -- one inch square of firm tofu. Mash the tofu, add egg beaters, season as desired and set aside. In a teflon fry pan put in approx two tablespoons of olive oil. Saute a small amount of onion, green pepper, Bac-o Bits, and celery; cook until soft and lightly brown.

Pour the egg mixture over vegetables move the pan to cover evenly. When cooked turn over and brown the other side. Remove from pan, fold and on top place a mild salsa and American tofu cheese; plain yogurt can be used as a garnish. Enjoy!

Feel free to add or subtract as you like. Recipes did not have exact measurements until Fanny Farmer started the Boston Cooking in the early 1900s. Adjust if you want more eggbeaters or less veggies -- or none. Be creative.

If you have any questions or want help e-mail me at and I will answer or write about it.

Next month: Eggless-egg salad sandwiches.

May 6, 2005

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