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September 11, 2001

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Published the First Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, MA -- June 2, 2000

SAME CHURCH, NEW LOOK: After 106 years of providing shelter and religious direction to its Melrose parishioners, St. Mary?s of the Annunciation has recently completed an extensive program of redecoration and restoration. The handsome Victorian lines and colors of the original building were enhanced -- in keeping with the general theme of the city -- while the sanctuary was renovated with a feeling of warmth and welcoming beauty. Additional photos are available in this issue of the Mirror: simply click here.

NEW SECTION: The road to enlightenment is anything but smooth. Arguments and differences of opinions happen, for that is our nature. And so with this issue -- May, 2000 -- we SilverStringers have put opposing forces face to face -- or at least on the same page. We have established a new section this month simply entitled "Social and Political Commentary", and initiate it with opposing opinions of two of our most audacious writers, Jackie Wattenberg and Len Dalton. All readers are invited to take part, to take sides, to respond or to initiate a new topic. Here is the place to vent your wrath and broadcast your thoughts. And whether you are right or not, the Editors will be as lenient as possible in judging what goes into our pages. -- The SilverStringers, publishers of the Melrose Mirror.

The Rededication of St. Mary's Church, Melrose
Virginia Hanley
... Physical renewal of church leads parishioners into millennium

Photo Review of the "New" St. Mary's Church
Virginia Hanley
... a sampling of the changes in the recent renovation ... 

Coming Attractions in Melrose in June
The Editors

Antarctica - Part 4
Kay McCarte
... all good times must come to an end.

A Labor Of Love In The Dominican Republic
Marilyn  (Bruce) True Hill
... Report From A Former Resident, Melrose High School Class of 1942

An Antidote to the Winter Blues
by Dorothy O'Connor
... favorite day is planning the next trip.

Melrose High School's "Fame" Draws Them In
Jackie Wattenberg
... students produce high quality show ...

Ripley School Testing
Natalie Thomson
... M.C.A.S. preparation underway at three schools

USS Hudson - Bougainville & Okinawa 
Bob Ross
... We saw plenty of action

Jumprope Chant For Elders
Natalie Thomson
... Out goes Y-O-U


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