Random Thoughts

Wrong number
on Mother's Day

... who was it?

by Natalie Thomson

It was May 8th - 1:28 p.m. - and a young, unfamiliar female voice spoke when I clicked "Messages" on my phone. The blinking light became steady and a charming twenty or thirty-year-old voice said,

Hey, Kathy and Uncle Dom -- It's Pammie just calling to say "Hi"...and Happy Mother's Day to Auntie Tantie. Didn't know if you guys were home today or where you're at...thought Nana might be at your place.  

Happy Mother's Day. Hope you're all having a nice day...Nice as it can be on a gloomy day like this.  I love you.

The writer has no idea who the caller was. Does any of the above strike a familiar note to the reader? Perhaps you can tell that family, headed by Kathy or Uncle Dom, that Pam did call on Mother's Day but obviously reached the wrong number...mine.

June 3, 2005

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