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Dirty words

... keep a word or two in reserve for a special occasion

by Carol Nelson

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At a recent meeting of the SilverStringers, there was a discussion about a well-known dirty word and how it had somehow found its way into the hallowed pages of the @#%*!! dictionary.

As a youngster, I can recall breathlessly searching for such words as they were never to be used in my home. If anyone dared to use the expression "shut up", for example, my father would come barreling out of his cave to smite the perpetrator. It was considered a "swear" even if it pales beside other more effective expletives.

Nowadays, I think one might keep a word or two in reserve for a special occasion. I recall my mother, bless her, in such a moment of need. Butter would not melt in her mouth but my father once drove her to such exasperation that she looked him in the eye and said "Turn blue!". He was shocked! Who knew blue was a dirty word?

There is a new book out that has "Bull #%&!!" in it's title. No bull. It has to do with the vast amount of @%&!! that is saturating television (etc) and distracting all of us from, well, reality. I no longer worry about dirty words, letters, numbers or fractions, nor do I believe there are any dirty body parts. I worry about the control of words and thoughts others may use: CENSORSHIP!

July 1, 2005

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