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Help for Firewall and Thumb Drive

... turn off Windows Firewall use Zonealarm - Thumb drive folders

by Bob Ross

Note: Edited version of Email with questions.

From: Ruth
To: "Bob Ross"
Subject: Questions
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 15:30:24 -0400

Ruth: I am answering your questions under each of yours.  

question 1: I've had zonealarm for years. But when I upgraded from 98 to XP, I had the impression I was to get rid of zonealarm and let XP install its own firewall, which is what I have now. But Kim Komando (do you know of her?) in her column today said XP is inadequate, and she recommends zonealarm. What do you think?

All info I have is to disable Windows firewall and stay with Zonealarm.  
To disable Windows Firewall
Open Control Panel
Click on Security Center icon
Window opens with
Auto Update
Virus protect.
Click on each to see what you have.
To get settings
At bottom, Click on all three.
Firewall should be OFF.

question 2: I had thought the Sony thumb (vault) drive would be practically fill-proof and then I remembered your saying you have several drives. Is that just to keep different subjects separated or have you filled some?

The Thumb Drives come in different sizes. I use a different one for different folders. Your  photos take up lots of space. To find out how much FREE space you have remaining,
Open the drive.
When it list your files, in any clear space
Right click, A dropdown box opens.
Click properties.
This will tell you the drive size at the top.
Used space and Free space.  Click ok.

I suggest you create a Photo Folders if you have a list of all the photos. Open the folder and MOVE all the photos to this folder.
To do this, Click Edit at the top of page.
Click on Select All. They turn blue (HiLited).
You can drag-drop to the NEW folder.
If you have other material to backup, create another folder for that.  
It works just like your regular Hard Drive.  

From: Ruth
To: "Bob Ross"
Subject: Re: firewall
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 16:11:06 -0400
Hi, Just to let you know I followed instructions last night and Windows firewall is gone, Zone Alarm (which I used for years with windows 98) is back in place, already working for me. Thank you again.   

July 1, 2005

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