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September 11, 2001

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Email from Toni Des Roches

The latest and the last of the four Priestley brothers, Russ (MHS '40), was inducted to Melrose's Sports Hall of Fame last month, completing the cycle. Russ is now an editor of The Mirror and one of our outstanding writers. The story is listed at the right.


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- June 1, 2005

Who says classical music is stuffy! Just ask any member of this quartet -- these classy ladies added pizzazz to last month's Beethoven Society special awards program. The group includes Regina Lucas, Barbara Finnegan, Jean Danciewicz and Marcy Holbrook. Read the Mirror recap below.

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Louise Fennell

Beethoven Society honors long-term members
by Jackie Wattenberg
... program provides an afternoon of music and friendship

Arts and Crafts: First hundred came out fine ...
Photos by Ella Letterie, Louise Fennell and Don Norris
... Melrose Arts and Crafts Society celebrates 100th with show

Russ Priestley inducted into MHS Sports Hall of Fame
by Jim Driscoll
... four brothers Hall-of-Famers - a first

Mail boxes
by Shirley Rabb
... imaginative and unique

50 Years ago, Part 2
by Steve Johnson
... four guys, one bow tie

"Philly Stringer" and daughter do Virginia
from Eleanor Jenkins
... "Foreign correspondent" discovers new territory

Fond memories of Grandma Driscoll
by Ashley Driscoll, age 15
... the loving care in the nursing home was special

The day I almost burned down Jordan Marsh
from Ann Robbins Talbot
... we were so sophisticated

Margery survives third grade
by Margery Carter
... luckily she got promoted

Blower/Vac - so easy
by Bob Ross
... sure beats raking

Puzzle, puzzle, on the wall ...
by Stringer Don Norris
... putting the picture all together

Silver Legislature meeting May 17, 2005
from Anne MacGillivray
... Home care project and circuit breaker bills discussed

Computer Tips, June05:
Increase size of font and icon on desktop

by Bob Ross
... no need to strain

Probate Court moves to Melrose -- briefly
from Jack Beckley, executive director, Council on Aging
... "Looking Ahead" -- a review of all things senior


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