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What is the face of an American?

by Phyllis Fewtrell

When you say AMERICAN what face comes to mind. We do not have a face with the title AMERICAN, recognized by all. We can so easily pick out other nationalities.

We are a melting pot of many nations who have come here to have a better life. Bringing all their many talents, religions, languages, however, does not give us a face. Therefore, we do not feel connected as Americans. Few feel they are even when their families have been here for generations. And being born here, they refer to themselves as French, African etc. except if out of the country. My mother's people came twenty years after the Mayflower Landing in Vermont and going to West Brookfield; my father came from London England in 1919 and I was born here.

When you want to see an American look in a mirror - there you will see an AMERICAN.


July 1, 2005

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