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My husband Philip was on LST 218

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by Nancy Doherty

July 4, 2005

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align=leftDear Jim - Well, you really did it this time. I was wondering just what to say in a note to you for Barbara's six month anniversary when I get this wonderful mail from you and your descriptions of your duties in the BIG ONE! "And then there was one". Philip also was on an LST during the war. His favorite and one I still have pictures of (someplace) was LST 218. That always became our lucky number although now that I think of it it never really brought us any monetary luck when we played!!!

Philip was always stationed in the Pacific, mostly the Philippines and some place in China on the Yellow River I believe. He loved his duties and I believe became a chief petty officer. So instead of my cheering you up you "made my day". I will go back several times and read all the articles carefully. The first time I tried when you had told me I should be able to get online I did not have any luck, don't know why because today, no problem at all. So thank you dear friend for bringing Barbara and Philip back to me again.

I loved the picture of you and two of your grandchildren. Oh, by the way, Timmy is going to Chicago this weekend to be on the Revolutions second team, so maybe something will come of it. And, oh yes, I am going to be a great grandmother for the third time next January. Will keep you posted.

Barbara's classmate - Nancy Doherty

July 4, 2005

Hi Jim,

Great article on the 325 ! ! I will send a letter to the editor of the LST Assoc. newspaper, "The Scuttlebutt", which will be published in the next issue. I will certainly mention your article published in the Melrose Mirror and how to access it. The next issue of the newspaper will be out toward the end of August.

I really thought your article was very interesting in all respects. I won't go into it all now as it's getting late and I'm headed for my pillow. I will have more to say in a couple of days. It was also nice of you to e-mail Bill Kaupas to inform him of the Melrose Mirror and your article. Although I've never met the man, we have exchanged e-mails and he is treasurer of the LST Memorial Inc. organization.

Again, Jim, I really enjoyed you writings about your visit to Pier 4 and the 325. More about it very soon. In the meantime, HAPPY FOURTH!

Best regards, .................. Dave

July 7, 2005

Dear Scuttlebut Editor,

As most LST sailors know, most LCT's were delivered to their destinations on the main deck of an LST. Such was the case of the LCT to which a high school friend of mine was a crew member. When I told him that an LST was visiting Boston he took part of his family, including a couple of grandchildren to Beantown to show them how he and many others crossed the Atlantic Ocean and were delivered for invasion service in Africa and Europe.

Jim Driscoll of Melrose, Mass. wrote an article published in the Melrose Mirror entitled, "And then there was one." To access the article one must go on line and enter: "And then there was one". and Jim's article is the third one down in the listing of stories. I think he did a good job and will bring back a lot of memories for many of us old sailors. I recall that our LST, the 767, had an LCT lashed down on the weather deck for months before off loading her at Okinawa, a very busy beaching area, and we lost track of LCT 749 after she was splashed over the starboard side.

Some of my family also visited the 325 while she was moored at the Coast Guard Base at Gloucester, Mass. Their major comment about the ship was that the living conditions weren't all that luxurious. I'm sure we all agree with that observation but then we were young and much more adaptable than we are today.


Dave Ramsay, USCG (Ret.)
LST 767

July 8, 2005

Hi Jim: What a pleasure to read your article and the one by your sister, Kay...she deserves to get her "real" medal...Wasn't it nice that Dave Ramsay told you about the ship being in Charlestown....!

Wouldn't a book about the experiences of the Vets of the Class of '42 make interesting reading!!! Our own "greatest generation".

Thanks for keeping me up to date....have a nice summer.....

Ann Liston Smith
Melrose High Class of 1942

August 5. 2005

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