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Computer Tips August 05
Print Screen key - how to use.

... comes in handy sometimes

Bob Ross

Ever find a website where you would like to save the screen? You can, you know... For free.

In older versions of Windows, the print screen key would automatically print the page you were viewing.  Win-98 worked automatically. Window XP doesnt work that way.  I tried more than once but nothing happened.

I have had Snag-it for years, using occasionally. It is much more sophisticated and does a multitude of task but most are seldom used. Since Win-XP would not work, I began using Snag-it again.

I subscribe to a number of newsletters that provide PC Tips. Awhile back the Windows xp PrintScreen key was discussed.

In case you ever want to copy/print a page you are viewing, OR your Desktop arrangements, Click a blank space on your desktop

Press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard.
A copy of the page is sent to your clipboard.

Unfortunately, you have to tell it where you want it to go.

I use Windows WordPad or MSOffice..
Open Wordpad  or  MSOffice, Cursor blinks at top left of page.
Right click then click paste.
Click File, SaveAs.
Select where you want to save it to:
    (- I usually save to my Desktop. -)
   name the file (example)  Desktop setup
You have a copy of the page you were viewing.
It is just a copy and cannot be edited.

August 5, 2005

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