A young man remembers September 11, 2001

... please keep these men and women in your thoughts

from David Healey

Editors' note: The piece below was written by the grandson of Stringer Mary Healey, and now, on the fourth anniversary of September 11, 2001, it is appropriate to publish David's message once again:

September 12, 2001: "If you know me I am not one for forwards and sending out mass emails anymore. However today has touched emotions in many of us. I have been up all night writing different things, but when I wrote this and read it back it brought a few tears to my eyes (so what, I'm a wuss). I just wanted to share.

The light has grown dim
Joys and happiness you had to share
Smiles and laughter are no longer there
The stories and adventures you could have told
No more great adventures of growing old

The light grows dimmer
Sons without fathers who cannot teach them to play ball
Daughters without mothers for those trips to a mall
Your dreams you had will not be done
Times now with out you will not longer be fun

The light will never go out
Our thoughts of you will always remain
The lives you have lived have not been in vain
Love you have shared will always stay
Please God, Please Lord take back this day ...

I know it kinda of cheesy, trust you don't want to see the other thing I wrote, ick ... Anyway please keep these men and women who died so wrongfully from this extremely cowardice act in your thoughts. I hope a swift justice is given to those whom are at fault."


September 2, 2005

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