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Mail from Delores Wernet

Among our many, many fans in New Mexico is Delores Wernet of Aztec, who also reads the Farmington Daily Times. It happened that on November 14, 1999, Delores picked up her Times to find her favorite comic strip, the Melrose Mirror, featured in a full top-half-page feature. It was amazing. Not that Delores felt so, but we at the Mirror certainly were shocked. What had happened is that a writer for the Associated Press did a piece on the SilverStringers, and for the next three months we were the talk of the nation. Well, the piece ran that long in various papers, before it became old hat. The AP even sent a photographer out, and five of our people assumed the standard pose around a monitor, and that is what you now see on page D4 of the Farmington Times of November 14, almost six years ago. From fore to aft are Ginny Hanley at the keyboard, giving pointers to Jim Driscoll, David and Marie Moreland and Bernadette Mahoney (at right). Funny, but Delores saved the piece for lo these many years, and finally, in a mad house-cleaning spurt of energy, mailed it to us here on West Foster Street. Thank you, Delores. By the way, that's Jim holding Delores's gift, with editors Ella Letterie and Kay McCarte. Ginny, Dave, Marie and Bernie have all re-retired from the grind of putting out our monthly rag.

Words and photo from Don Norris.

September 2, 2005

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