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A book report

... what I read on my summer vacation

by Carol Nelson

Pearl S. Buck wrote "The Good Earth" at the age of thirty-nine, in 1931. It was likely her best work, of 70 books and short stories, and it won the Nobel Prize. The writing is clear and wonderful and just as readable today, as it was in the '30s. It inspired a black and white film starring Paul Muni as Wang Lung, a Chinese farmer, and Louise Rainer as his first wife, the longsuffering O-Lan. In those days, of course, all the actors were Caucasian. Much like in Japan, or merry olde England, where all the actors were male. Wang Lung is an Everyman. The book covers his long and eventful life on the land and in his connection to the good earth.

September 2, 2005

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