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On Authors: Michael Connelly, out of order

... Hieronymus Bosch -- best to keep them in sequence

by Don Norris

There is not much to be said for reading one author's series out of order. Unfortunately I am not that organized.

But I have read every one of Michael Connelly's mysteries --- those that center on one peculiar Los Angeles dectective with the rather weird name of Hieronymus Bosch. In order or not, the series is really top flight, full of plot twists, misdirections, clearly developed characters and a compelling story. Always.

Connelly's books are just fun to read. No deviation to political or social discussion, although one begins to doubt the honesty of the human race whether the label is good guy or bad.

The latest one on my list was "The Concrete Blond", which was published in 1995. Which really doesn't matter except for a few references that date the story: One, communications between the cops are by marginal (by today's standards) walkie talkies. Two, there were no cell phones ten years ago; the reader keeps asking, "Why doesn't she simply dial 911?." And Bosch's car, prominently referred to, is a Caprice -- definitely out of production today.  

More important, Harry Bosch is divorced but seriously involved with an attractive blond teacher. Speaking of my being out of order, the last few Connelly books I read had Bosch married to a defrocked FBI agent, divorced, and a father.

Like I said, don't read a series out of order. I believe there are about a dozen or so in the Hieronymous Bosch series -- and everyone is a killer, in the best sense. But one should logically start at the beginning. Either way, don't miss Michael Connelly.

Connelly's recent work:
The Lincoln Lawyer, October 2005 (not Bosch)
The Closers, 2005, Bosch and partner Kizmin Rider
The Narrows, 2004, Private investigator Bosch
Lost Light, 2003, Bosch finds unsolved murder in old cases.
Chasing the Dime, 2002, A simple wrong number.
City of Bones, 2002, Bosch: bones of a 12 year old boy found.
A Darkness More Than Night, 2001, Terry McCaleb and Harry Bosch.
Void Moon, 2000, Cassie Black is an ex-con who needs one more hit.
Angels Flight, 1999, Harry Bosch, murder on the inclined railway.
Blood Work, 1998, Terry McCaleb, serial killer investigators.
Trunk Music, 1997, Bosch: murder in Hollywood.
The Poet, 1996, executes one homicide cop after another.
The Last Coyote, 1995, Harry Bosch on stress leave, tackles murder.
The Concrete Blond, 1994, Bosch: Is a serial killer still on the loose?
The Black Ice, 1993, Harry Bosch and drug underworld.
The Black Echo, 1992, Harry Bosch, between criminals and crooked cops.

September 2, 2005

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