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Big Russ & Me

... "Lessons of Life"

by Kay McCarte

I don't get a chance to see Tim Russert on Meet the Press on Sunday mornings, but I always enjoy hearing his analyses of debates, election returns and other subjects pertinent to the news of the day.

"Big Russ & Me" is an autobiography of a boy growing up in South Buffalo, New York and the people who taught him, and are still teaching him, his "Lessons of Life." First and foremost is his father, Big Russ, plus the teachers who motivated (and disciplined) him and the political people with whom he has worked and interviewed -- especially Mario Cuomo and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

His father reminds him to ask the questions of his interviewees that are of interest to his buddies at the American Legion Post in South Buffalo and to the rest of middle class America.

I found it an easy book to read and I will appreciate him much more the next time I see him on TV.

And as for his favorite team, all I have to say is


September 2, 2005

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