Walls come
tumbling down ...

from the SilverStringer Phototeam

What does it take, one-fiftieth of the time to knock a building down, as it does to put it up? This is/was the Daffinee Gymnasium, put up as state-of-the-art during Coach Joe Hoague's time in the '60s. There is a two-week spread between the two photos. All that's left of the Daffinee Gym today is a pile of white rubble. You can match the two photos by mentally aligning the bleacher seats at the far left. Of course this is all part of replacing the old, 1932 version of Melrose High School, which has been used as a middle school since the new version of MHS was put up four decades ago. Complicated? Well, the new middle school, which will replace the 1932 MHS, will be seven feet higher so Ell Pond doesn't seep into first floor classrooms. Does that make sense? Is that clear now? Our city has the 49.7 million-dollar solution -- the good part is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts picks up some 23 million of the bill.

October 7, 2005

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