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September 11, 2001

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Our oldest and venerable member, Marjorie Burgess, has passed away at 90. Composer, teacher and player of the piano, She was past president of the New England Piano Teachers, taught piano at Berklee School of Music, from which she was awarded a degree. Marjorie wrote articles for us, being a resident here since 1983 and taught piano in Melrose and Stoneham. She is survived by two children, three grandchildren, two great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- October 7, 2005

The O'Shea-Chaplin Irish Step Dancers put on one of most beautiful displays of precise coordinated dancing, ever, at Melrose's Victorian Fair. This annual event, sponsored and produced by the Chamber of Commerce, is a unique happening.

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Russ Priestley

Everybody loves a Victorian Fair
by Don Norris
... but what keeps it going, for 25 years?

A Melrose story
by Carol Nelson
... a memorial to Gerry Nadel at Ell Pond

The true life story of Waite - Part 2
by Russ Priestley
... it's all over Waite

Happy and horrifying
by Shirley Rabb
... October faces

What's in a name?
by Russ Priestley
... it all depends

Melrose Weekly News --- the new competition
from the SilverStringers
... suddenly our town has THREE newspapers and a TV station!

The old Melrose theater
by Jerry Norton
... of fond memory

Living wills
Bob Ross
... make sure your wishes are followed

Seventy Septembers
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... I have seen seventy Septembers, but...

A local motoring tradition closing its doors
by Bob Burgess
... saying good-bye to an old friend.

Shirley missed the trip
by Natalie Thomson
... her Dramamine didn't work

Summer at Lake Winnisquam
by Margery Carter
... My Dad slept with his shoes on that night

1950's surprise party
by Carol Nelson
... who knew?

Prelude to a Reunion
by Steve Johnson
... how I gained the right to go there

Disabled seniors discriminated against
from Anne MacGillivray
... Silver Legislature, opposes "user tax" for disabled/elderly patients

Is nostalgia worth three slurpies?
by Eleanor Jenkins
... our Philly Stringer notes how close we are

Main Street paving, new Vets' board, recycling ...
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA
... Looking Ahead, October 2005: Update from City Hall


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Kangaroo Troop by Marjorie Burgess, the Melrose Mirror theme song.
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