Alumni bump at demolition scene

... MHS people hold reunion while walls fall

from the SilverStringer Phototeam

COME HOME: That's Pete Fagan, one of the sons of Lee Fagan of Melrose, and now retired 18 years as a chief in the U.S. Navy. Pete says he and his two brothers (both of whom reside reasonably close) stop by Mom's where they're sure to find a list of things for the "boys" to fix. He says if you see a silver Subaru with a Hawaii plate around Melrose, wave -- because that's the same Pete Fagan, MHS '61, come home. Professionally, he was with helicopters and served as a crew chief on numerous aircraft carriers. He, Don Norris (MHS '49) and retired phys-ed teacher Harry Murphy bumped into each other while snapping pictures of the demolition of Melrose High, last month.

November 4, 2005

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