24 hour daylight in Iceland

... difficult adjusting to daylight all the time

by Bob Ross

We always complain because it gets dark too soon when we have a project going. At least I do. Well, when there is not a lot to do, long hours of daylight get on your nerves. Hard to adjust your sleeping routine.

In Iceland we had ballgames at one or two in the morning.  People bowled, watched movies, spent time in the clubs. Just took awhile to adjust. Most bedrooms had foil taped to their windows to block the sunlight.

In time you get used to it and soon you get your sleeping routine established.

One night the family drove down to the pier and took the following photos of the setting sun, before and after midnight.

The first picture was taken of Keflavic when I reported for duty.

Keflavic Iceland from the air.

As beautiful as the sunset was, things can change in minutes. Sun shining and suddenly it is snowing. Whatever outdoor games are in progress continue as it seldom lasts long. One thing we all hated was the wind. I had to go up a hill to get to the base. On several occasions I was doing 30 mph and moving up, when I began to be pushed back by the wind.  Scary, but you learn to live with it.

Crazy weather, but everyone there enjoyed the duty at the Keflavic base.

February 3, 2006

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